About company

The history of the collective enterprise "Lyakhovichsky Plant "Metalloplastmass" begins from july 7, 1978 when by the order of VPO "Soyuzpishchetara" a pilot metal package plant was organized in the town of Lyakhovichi, Brest region.

From the beginning of his formation the basic production of the enterprise is metal cover SKO 1-82 and SKO 1-58.

In 1982 at a factory processing of polythene of a high blood pressure is mastered by manufacture polyethylene stoppers and covers.

In 1984 the factory is renamed into a "Lyakhovichskiy Plant "Metalloplastmass".

In 1993 the enterprise began its privatization, and at the beginning of 1995 it fully redeemed the fixed and current asses from the state. Members of collective became property owners of the collective enterprise.

In 2000 the enterprise is transformed in closed join-stock company.

In 2009-2010 property owners the manufacture of front anchor, decorative fence, thermoshrinkable capsule for wine, spirits products, polyethylene bucket with a cover and a handle is organized.

Phones :

Manager : (+375 16 33) 201-06;

Recepton : (fax)(+375 16 33)205-00;

Chief accountant : (+375 16 33)210-03;

Chief engineer : (+375 16 33)221-51;

Sales departament : (+375 16 33)238-83 , 224-20;

E/mail : metplast@lhv.brest.by

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